“The Huntsman” Discussion Questions

The Huntsman is a modern retelling of Red Riding Hood. Fairy tale retellings are very popular right now, casting original characters in modern roles that only slightly reflect their previous adaptations. Do you think the new versions of the old stories will play an important role in literary history some day? How do the changes show how we have evolved as a society over time?

As representations of good and evil, do you feel like Jasper and Silver are flawed? If so, how?

How does loneliness affect each character differently?

How do the tragedies in their lives force characters to make decisions that will either lead to their salvation or their demise?

The toy elephant is a very tangible object in this book. What else could it represent in a larger context, by traveling from the huntsman’s mother all the way to the huntress?

By the end of the book, do you feel that the wolf’s power diminishes? Or has it simply changed?

How do you feel about the end of the book? Did you know who Anna was by then, and when did you know? What do you think will happen in the sequel?

What is your favorite quote from the book? How did this relate to your life?

If you could hear this story from another character’s perspective, who would you choose, and why?

How do you feel about where the story ends for the huntsman’s character in this book? Did he deserve better?


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